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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Unanswered Questions

-Where did the tunnel (the one Laura found in Iderdex) lead to?
-What were those vision Rich were having and why was he always getting them?
-Was that man that Rich saw at the bottom of the ocean a hallucination or a real person? Click Here to See Picture
-What was that symbol the security man (the one in the picture below) was drawing and what does it mean?
-Will Mile's transformation stop?
-What is the flower that Lee's Clone found 20-some years ago?
-What is the origin of the species?
-Why would someone engineer these species?
-Is there more than one Lee (the one that runs the company for the bad guys, and the good-guys lee)?
-Was Jackson working for the "evil" side this whole time or is he a clone?

Questions Submitted by Fans:
-What happened to the mutated Monkey/Human?
-Did Nim heal Miles Girlfriend after she fell? If so, will she start to transform like Miles?
-Did Miles' parents make it to the main land? If they did how far did they get inland before the wave hit? Are they safe? How will his sister react to being told that Miles jumped off the ferry?
-How long will Miles, Caitlin, Laura, and Rich be stranded in that Church Bell Tower?
-Where did that tunnel truly go?

-Why were these creatures truly created? What is their purpose?
-Will this disaster bring Miles' family closer or pull them apart?
-Will Caitlin and Miles relationship grow stronger or be ripped apart in the week to come?

You can post your theory by clicking "submit" or e-mailing us at The best theories will be posted on our upcoming site, for the top theories.


  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger Becky L said…

    I still wonder about the visions that Rich was having... Nothing has been mentioned for a little while about them, but i know its still important.

    The change happening in Miles is also very intriguing. Its seems like he's going to become "the one." He'll play a big role in bringing some sort of solution-- i just hope he doesnt lose his girlfriend in the process.

    There is NO WAY Jackson was working for the evil side. I wont believe it for a minute! I'll be completely subdued if its true.

  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger MississippiGirl said…

    I believe the body that was shown washed up on the beach with the tattoo was Rich's brother. I also think those railways that were in that buiding might go to the aquatic city mentioned earlier in the season. Miles will figure out how to kill the creatures and when Nim dies, he will go back to normal. Just ponderings...


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